In Season Free Agent Signing rules

Here are the rules for FA signings this season. One thing to emphasize is that the 4-hour open signing window begins when the announcement is made of a signing, not when the team sends the request.
  1. Any player not in the FHL AND listed in the FHL registry may be signed to an in-season contract. In other words, if he was not drafted into the league at some point, you can't have him.
  2. No in-season contracts can be tendered until after the 1st scoring period of the season.
  3. A team may tender a 1-yr contract offer to a player by sending that offer to One contract offer per email sent!
  4. Following the announcement to the FHL of a contract offer, not when I receive the email, a 4 hour window occurs where, in a blinded fashion, any FHL team can send in an offer for the player, and he will sign the contract with the highest offer after the window closes.
  5. Following the announcement to the FHL list of a contract tender offer signed, a 48 hour waiver period ensues where any team may claim that player at the tendered contract offer.
  6. Waiver priority for teams will be reverse points order from previous week's standings.
  7. Waiver team priority rules:
    1. no team may make more than 1 successful waiver claim during each scoring period
    2. any team that puts in a waiver claim for a player will lose waiver priority (drop to 30) for any subsequent claims made during the same scoring period. EX. If a player is offered a contract on Tuesday by team A, and team B puts in a claim for that player, but loses the claim to team C with a higher waiver priority, team B will then lose their priority if another player is offered a contract on Thursday and be at the bottom of the waiver priority list. This is to stop teams trying to claim every player that comes through waivers.
  8. If a team is successful at a waiver claim, that player must:
    1. be put on and remain on the active roster for the following 3 scoring periods
    2. cannot be traded until the contract ends
    3. cannot be cut
  9. Any player that is claimed by another team will receive the contract designation WC-## to indicate that they were a waiver claim and hence have an effective no-move clause (can't be traded or cut).
  10. If the original signing team gets the player (ie player is unclaimed), they are free to do what they want with him.
  11. teams may make as many tender offers per scoring period as they can afford.